39 days

Training has been going well, but I’ll be honest … I’m going to be very glad when November 12th rolls around and marathon training is over! :)  Life was VERY different in 2008 when I trained for and ran 2 marathons.  Jon’s job was fairly flexible, we only had 1 kiddo, and we lived near my parents.  Fast forward to 2012 and 3 kiddos, far away from family, a busier job plus studying for a huge engineering exam … and it is harder to fit the training in!

I am tired and my body is tired.

But at the same time, it is empowering to know that I am doing what I’m doing.  It kind of feels like this secret life – most of my non running friends have no idea the time and miles I put in.  To get 8-10 miles in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am often up at 4:45am.  I find a sick sense of pleasure in that :)  Saturday, I ran 18 miles – 2.5 hours of running.

This Saturday I’ll run 20 miles and in 2 weeks, the goal is 22 miles.  I have only had to slightly alter my plan.  All in all, I am sticking to it and it is working well.

I feel prepared.  I feel like a 3:19-3:25 is possible.  Let’s just hope the next 39 days go well so that those feelings stick around! :)

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