good things

Since my last post, things have mostly gone well and I’ve had 2 light bulbs go on (well, they’ve been on, I was just stubbornly ignoring them).

Last Saturday was a HOT but solid 14 miles, averaging 8:09 pace.  For the 1st time ever, I ran with my belt style water bottle carrier.  I definitely did not love wearing it, but it saved the day for me.  Sarah had an 8am soccer game, so running before the game was out of the question.  SO, I left from the soccer fields to run home.  Thus, I couldn’t hit up my normal water stops.  And with the heat of mid morning, I drank a LOT of water on my run.

Tuesday was my low point of the week.  The 2 light bulbs I decided to acknowledge are that …
1) I have got to get 8 hours of sleep most nights which means I need to be in bed by 9pm on nights I run
2) I need to stretch and use my trigger point roller most days to help flush out the soreness

Tuesday was actually a rough run … I was supposed to run 8 miles of hills, but just felt sluggish, tried and flat so cut it short at 5.6 miles.

After rest on Wednesday, Thursday’s run was good – 3 miles easy + 4 miles at MP (averaged 7:25).

This morning I ran 16.2 miles.  It feels good knowing I ran only 10 miles shy of a marathon.  Definitely makes it feel like things are possible!!  I hadn’t run this far since Spring 2008.  I also feel like my mental toughness is coming back … 16 miles on your own … it is mental!  I started very conservative and finished very strong – averaging 8:10 pace.

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