I am mentally rattled right now (in running that is).  I had that awesome 13 miler 2 weeks ago.  But then last week, my plan got thrown for a loop and last Saturday’s run was TOUGH.  My normal week is to run easy Monday, hills Tuesday (slight joke given where I live!!), off Wednesday, MP runs Thursday, easy Friday, long Saturday, off Sunday.  So last week we were forcasted to have a hurricane blow through so I didn’t even set my alarm for Tuesday’s run.  Well, we woke up to NO RAIN but the husband had to leave for work thus no time for a run.  So I ran hills Wednesday, MP Thursday, easy Friday … so by Saturday, being the 4th day in a row to run, my legs were tired.  The plan was 14 miles.  Between the tired legs, needing to be home by a certain time due to kid’s soccer practice, and 2 water fountains being off and locked, I was demoralized and didn’t have it in me to fight.  So I cut it short at 12 miles.  And it was a hard 12 miles.

So that had me go into panic mode and question everything.  Do I really have it in me to run another marathon?  Is my goal too fast?  This week hasn’t helped, but it hasn’t been awful.  I’ve had decent runs Tuesday and Thursday.  Decent – not great, but not bad.  So I am supposed to do 16 tomorrow.  That’s too big of a jump with my longest to date being 13 miles 2 weeks ago.  So I plan to run 14 miles tomorrow, and then 16 the next weekend.

Holding out hope that tomorrow will be a GREAT run!!! :)

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  1. Barby Gifford

    Advice from the non-runner of the family: hang in there, of all things don’t panic, and allow yourself flexibility… both in training goals and for the marathon. Whatever the results, allow yourself to rejoice in the accomplishment.

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