Heritage Museum 5K

I ran another local 5K this morning – the Heritage Museum 5K in Val’p.

15 degrees cooler and no big hill in a race = 40 seconds faster and a PR!!!

Lisa, my running partner, also ran.  She set a PR too!  The funny thing is, neither of us were really “feeling it” before the race.

The course was an out and back, with gently rolling hills.  Lisa’s tendency is to start a bit on the conservative side and finish strong.  My tendency is to start fast and struggle not to die.

So I started off a bit faster than her.  I hit 1 mile in 5:56 (a bit slower than last week’s race).  That was exactly where I wanted to be.  Mentally, the out and back was TOUGH for me.  At the turn around, I was probably 10 seconds ahead and she looked strong.  I was pretty sure she’d close on me.

I was struggling.  Seeing my time at mile 2 was what I needed – 12:02 (so 6:06 for that mile).  I knew I had a shot at sub-19 if I could hold on.  Lisa said she was gaining on me slightly after the turn around but that just after the 2nd mile, I pulled away a bit more.

As I rounded the corner for the finish, a guy yelled out “18 flat.”  I CAN DO IT!  I could see the clock.  I knew it was going to be close.  18:54!!!

I was beyond excited!!!  My 3rd mile was 6:04.  Lisa finished in 19:13 – a PR for her, too!

My 3 mile PR from high school is 18:37.  So, with the added .1 for a 5K, this race beats that even.  I told Jon at dinner tonight that I must not have pushed myself hard enough in high school! I also told him how much I regret not racing in college.  I’ll always have that wonder of what I was capable of.  Also, in January 2010 I ran a 5K in 18:51, but I knew that course was short.  Today, I know the course was spot-on.  Thus, in reality, this is the fastest 3 mile or 5K I have ever run.  That’s crazy.

It’s still sinking in.  Right now I’m swinging between thinking, “sweet, no need to run any more 5K’s based on this accomplishment!” and “wow, wonder what I can get my PR down to??!!”

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