2 race recaps and an update

This is long overdue.  A mental slump overtook me just before the Seaside Half Marathon.  It was brought on by a re-energized cold (that I thought I was kicking) slamming me full on the week of the half.  I was so frustrated.

All that to say, the half marathon went MUCH better than I expected it to.  I was a nasty mess thanks to the snot faucet coming out of my nose.  I felt strong for 9 miles.  Lisa (my running partner) and I were running together.  There was only 1 girl in front of us, and honestly she was so far in front of us at the half way turn around, that we were far more concerned about some one catching us from behind than the thought of us catching her.  We we caught site of her around mile 9 (I think) I knew then that Lisa would win and I had a hope for 2nd.  It was energizing to catching that girl for sure.

Approaching mile 10, my foggy brain was thinking only 2 to go.  I hit mile 10 and thought, you dummy, it’s 3.2 to go.  That silly mistake got me a bit.  I was definitely feeling it.  Lisa started pulling away.  My left quad started feeling tight.  Mile 11, tight was progressing to pain.  I was just hoping to not walk at that point!  And hoping that girl didn’t catch back up.  I was running with a noticeable limp by the end, but finished in 2nd place.  Lisa ended up beating my by about a minute.

I ran 1:31:53 – only 18 seconds off my PR.  I was very very happy with that!  And it was honestly the 1st time that I thought, I really can break 1:30 in the half marathon!

So Seaside behind me.  I was SORE.  It took me a good week to recover.  I then got in 2 decent weeks of maintenance running.

Last Saturday, I ran the Rock/Creek River Gorge 10.2 mile trail race.  This was purely for fun – no hope of winning any awards – just for the pure enjoyment of running trails (which I MISS).  It was so much fun!!  And I ran a lot more solidly than I expected.  I walked the BIG hills and was cautious on the down hills, but felt stronger than I thought I would.

And again, I was OH SO SORE after it.  So this past week was an easy, easing back into things week.  Monday, I plan to get refocused.

Speaking of being focused, another reason for my mental slump around the time of Seaside was a feeling of what now??  For almost a year (since I started running after having baby #3) my goal had been a half marathon.

So here is the short term focus and long term goal …
-through the end of May I am going to work on my speed, focusing on shorter races – mainly 5Ks and a 4.4 miler or 8K on Memorial Day depending on where we are
-June is going to be a maintenance month where I back off a bit
-in July, begin building for either a Fall marathon or an attempt on a sub-1:30 half marathon

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One response to “2 race recaps and an update

  1. Congratulations on two great races and a brilliant time.
    I’ve made the exact same mistake in a half – I think because I got to 3 miles and thought “quarter way there”. From 12 to 13 was the hardest mile I’ve ever done!

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