12 days and counting …

In November, when I registered for the Seaside Half Marathon, my running had been almost non-existent.  I was optimistic that I could turn things around by March 4 to be able to run a good half.  December was a good “getting back into it month.”  The pieces fell into place in January.  I was starting to get excited, but also kept wondering when something would derail me (I’m not normally a pessimist – it’s just been that type of year for me).  February started off with a bang.  I was getting REALLY excited.  Maybe I could run a PR after all!!

The plan for this week was to get in 2 hard workouts (1 focused on endurance and 1 focused on speed) and then taper that last 8 days.  Well, my taper has begun early.  My pessimist side has been justified.  I started feeling the beginnings of a cold on Saturday night.  I took Sunday off.  I ran easy yesterday morning and felt better than I expected but still have a cold.  I decided that today it was more important to rest and get well than to run a mediocre workout in the drizzling rain.  I’m planning on meeting Lisa (my new running partner) to run in the morning.  We’ll see if I can hang with her.

I had just been beginning to believe that a PR was possible.  My PR is 1:31:35 (6:59/mile pace).  Maybe it is still possible?  Maybe I’ll just be super rested and nail it?  (see, I’m not really a pessimist!!)  So yes, that is my stated goal for next Sunday – to PR.  Yet as long as I run a smart, consistent, mental strong race UNDER 1:35, I’ll be pleased.

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  1. Barby Gifford

    I’m so glad we get to cheer you on! You’re amazing!

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