latest look

I’m going to be a SIGHT.  Oh dear. The things that I think oh I’ll never wear that always seem to come around on me.  I just ordered these – compression calf sleeves.  I’ve read about how they can help recovery time. My calves have been sore lately as I’ve been upping my miles, so I figured I’d give them a try.  I got the sleeves instead of socks because I was worried about sizing with the socks – with the sleeves, the size is based on the measurement of your calf.  I didn’t want to also worry about how it fit my foot.  I did order from Running Warehouse because of free shipping and free returns.  We’ll see!  I’ll post an update soon on what I think of them :)

And THESE are my newest shoes … notice the PINK laces????  I did NOT when I ordered them.  Makes them a bit over the top.  Shoulda gone with the blue. Oh well.

So when you pair the shoes with the sleeves … wow.  I’ll look like “that person” running down the road!


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4 responses to “latest look

  1. Dadeo

    Now that’s real motivation for 5 am running!

  2. Barby Gifford



  3. Jamey

    Are those the pegasis or something different? I ran both my workouts this week in compression socks. I’m pretty sure they don’t do all the stuff they claim to do, but if my legs are feeling beat up at all, it definitely helps prevent cramping. Enjoy :)

  4. mamagoforarun

    yep, pegasus 28. Glad socks have helped cramping – that’s all I’m looking for. No voodoo magic or anything!

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