a kick

I’m on a motivational kick – or high – right now.  Or surge. Not sure what to call it, except that RUNNING is going well FINALLY.  I get nervous that tomorrow it will tank again. But for today, I’m excited.  And I’m motivated.

January was one of my best and most consistent months since I started keeping track of things.  Every aspect of training has been going well.  My legs are tired, but seem to be adjusting well to added volume.

I ran 111.5 miles for the month (to reach my goal of 1000 miles in 2012, I only need to run 83 miles/month).  I did not take more than 1 consecutive day off.  My pace is moving in the right direction.  So yes, I’m encouraged! And excited!

I’ve also been asking myself what can I do to be a better runner?  My aforementioned new running partner will help – she’ll push me and not let me dog it on our runs together.  I am also trying to be more conscience of what I eat.  With 3 kids, meal times can be crazy and I often don’t get a good breakfast or lunch myself while feeding them.  I then tank in the mid afternoon and make poor decisions on what I do eat.  I am working on eating a solid breakfast and lunch, to get the good calories, and to feel better as the afternoon progresses.  Other thoughts are swarming through my head, but let’s take it 1 step at a time.  January was good.  Here’s to February being even better!  

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