10K Race Report

Saturday morning, I ran in the Destin’s Bayou Bay and Back 10K.  I ran 42:16 (way faster than expected!), was 5th overall, and the 2nd place woman.  Being honest … I get sick of 2nd place.  It seems like I’m always getting 2nd.  And I shoulda won.  But more on that in a moment.

Back to being happy!  I ran 42:16!!!!  A 6:48 pace! Wo, dude!  I thought 43:30 – 7 minute pace – was a stretch.  So yes, I was excited, encouraged and energized by how I did.

But there is always room for improvement.  1st off, I stopped to tie my damn shoe about 2 miles in.  I swear I’d double-knotted, but it still came loose.  So after that, I threw down a big surge to catch back up with the guy I was running with.  We were running strong, and I slowly pulled away from him, and caught the next guy ahead of me.  All the while, the lead girl is in sight, and very in reach. I slowly close the gap, and pull even around 4 miles.  After a few steps together, she surges and pulls ahead.  Let’s be honest … that got me.  She pulled a nice lead on me.  I began to close the gap again, but in the last .2, she pulled ahead more and beat me by about 25 seconds.  Maybe I should have held 10 feet back for a bit longer, and closed more at the end?  Definitely should have held stronger in miles 4-5.

On another note, the girl who beat me is 41.  That EXCITES me.  I hope (and believe) that my fastest years are yet to come.  So when I see someone running fast who is 10 years older than me, I get excited!

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