a race

I just registered for my 1st race since having Andrew – a local 10K on Saturday.

This is the longest “post having a baby” race I’ve done.  When Sarah was 4 months old, I loafed my way through a 5K.  When Cora was 4 months old, I ran did a 5 mile trail race and was in decent shape.  So it’s about time I run a race since Andrew is 10 months old!!!

I’ve been getting in a good rhythm, getting ready for the half marathon on March 4, so this is good timing for a tune up/reality check.  I honestly am not sure what to expect out of myself.  Ideally I’ll hit 43:30 (7 min pace), but as long as I’m under 46 minutes I’ll be happy.

Last week was another high – 30.8 miles.  Saturday’s long run was 12 miles – longest run since before Andrew.  And already, January is my best month since he was born.  It’s been encouraging to have some good weeks.

This morning, I did a bit of a different workout … 10 minutes warm up, and then 5 minutes hard, 5 minutes normal, 4 hard, 4 normal, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1 and then cool down.  I got progressively faster in each interval (the goal) and stayed solid during my normal segments (the other goal).  It was good.

So tomorrow I’ll do a recovery base, take Thursday off, easy Friday and race Saturday.  I’d long to get a long-ish run in on Sunday (8 miles or so) but we’ll see.

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