I’m not even going to talk about my recent runs. It’s pathetic. Ridiculous. Sad.  Gets me depressed if I dwell on it. 

Last winter, I was pregnant, and NOT waking up early for runs. Actually, not running at all.  The winter before that (so 2009-10), we moved to Florida in January.  Before we moved, Lookout was having a serious cold snap.   In 2 of my last runs before we moved, it was 18 degrees and 11 degrees.  So to run in Florida’s cold snap of temps in the 20’s made it feel like home.  People thought I was crazy and I felt tough.  1 time an old woman actual YELLED at me to wear more clothes.

Fast forward to now.

I’ve been a Floridian for almost 2 years, and my blood is thinning.  I’m adapting.  I feel wimpy.  This week has been our 1st taste of cold. By cold, I mean temps between 29-40.  This is where I feel I need to make rules – rules of what to wear based on the temps.  I’m ok adapting a bit, knowing that I’ll adapt again in the next place we live, but I do NOT want to become 1 of those people that is wearing tights, long sleeves, and gloves when it is 50 degrees.  No lie. People do that here.

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