repeat on repeats

Scroll down 2 posts to see about my last mile repeat session

My “plan” has me doing hard workouts on Tuesdays.  August 16 was the last time I did mile repeats.  Other Tuesdays has me doing 6 miles with 4 miles of tempo.  I was nervously excited about trying mile repeats again.  I was hopeful to see an improvement; nervous in my own higher expectations of myself; nervous in the fact that except for this past Saturday, the past few weeks have sucked running wise.

The last time I did the workout, my miles were 8:04, 7:30, 7:16.  This time, I managed to pull out 7:47, 7:19, 7:09.  That was a confidence builder that I needed!

Saturday’s long run was the best run I’ve had since Andrew was born – 10 miles average 7:59 pace.

Before Saturday, the past few weeks really have sucked … I’ve felt slow and heavy on every run.  My plan has me running 5 days a week, but I haven’t run more than 4 once.  And 1 week only 3 days.  I’m hoping I’ve turned a corner!


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