mile repeats

Week 1 of the plan is going well.  Hope it continues :)  Tuesday morning, the plan said 6 miles – warm up, 3 x mile with 1/2 recovery jogs, cool down.  The thought of attempting this had me tremblin in my shoes.  Repeats? Seriously? I’m sooo not ready for this.  I thought about knocking it down to 2.  That thought was encouraged when I found out Jon needed to leave for work by 6:15am … wow that would mean waking up even earlier than early.  Determination prevailed!!!  I set the alarm for 5am, DETERMINED to accomplish this.  Didn’t want to slack on the plan on the 2nd day.  In being realistic to my fitness and mental [LACK] of toughness, I had 2 main goals – keep the 1st repeat not too fast and get faster on each one.

I ran the mile warm up sloooooow. Felt good to stretch out the legs, still a bit heavy from Saturdays 7 miler.  Mile 1 was a few notches above comfortable, nowhere near hard.  8:04.  Mile 2 felt like I was pushing.  7:30.  Towards the end of mile 2 I thought, wow I’m actually doing this!  And feeling good!  And I’ll finish the workout!  Mile 3 caused me to dig deep and hang on. 7:16.  Mental and physical victory!!!

I did skimp on the cool down – .6 instead of a full mile.  Didn’t want to make the husband late for the concrete pour at work! :)


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