oh yeah, consistency

I ended my last post without talking much about consistency.  For the 6 or so people who actually read this blog, you know that consistency is something I really strive for.  Even though the baby still is NOT sleeping through the night (come on little guy – you can do it!!!), early morning runs have been working.  For the most part.  Since I started back running in mid May, I’ve basically just been randomly deciding how far or how fast to run … based on how I feel, when I actually make it out the door (thus how much time I have before Jon leaves for work), etc.

Time for a plan.  I love creating running plans.  I’ve recently put together plans for several friends who want to run a 5K or half marathon – often starting from scratch as far as how much they actually run.  That’s been fun for me.  Anyway.  I’ve put together a plan for me.  Here’s the gist …

Mondays – easy
Tuesdays – hard – either repeat miles or tempo
Wednesday – off
Thursdays – maintenance run (not easy but not hard, 1-2 miles further than Mondays)
Fridays – easy
Saturday/Sunday – long and rest

The tentative goal is a half marathon on November 13 in Pensacola.  That will then set me up perfectly to start training for a spring marathon IF I’m ready – both mentally and physically.  Actually, that’s if WE are ready – marathon training is a full family commitment.  I’m holding that plan loosely.

I’m excited about the motivation of having a plan.

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