ups & downs & striving for consistency

How has a month gone by since I last wrote???

Since then, I had 2 good weeks of 20.2 miles and 17.1 miles.  Then I was having a rough week and was desperate to feel like I was accomplishing some type of exercise, so attempted a “boy” pushup, managed 2, and felt my back twinge.  I stretched a bit, slept, and woke up in the morning feeling tight and thought a run could help stretch it out … MISTAKE.  It hurt the whole run and I felt my legs buckle many times.  I was in pain the next 4 days and didn’t feel better until a deep tissue massage.  I took 5 days off, and then ran super slow and short my 1st 2 runs.

Since then, I’ve been feeling good!  I’ve had some laborious runs, and some great runs.  The laborious runs remind me I have a ways to go. The great runs remind me that the hard work IS paying off.


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