new shoes

I got new shoes last week.  They’re a bit bright and would not have been my 1st choice in looks, but they’ve grown on me and I like them :)  Jon’s comment was “good thing you’re a good runner” – implying that you shouldn’t wear shoes like this if you don’t look the part. Sad thing is, I don’t look the part right now.  [sigh]

I was due for new shoes around the time I found out #3 was on the way, so I opted to wait, knowing I would not be running too much.  I also knew my foot might change (i.e. flatten out from the extra weight on it).  After both the girls were born, my shoe size stayed the same. Not this time! I’m a half size bigger.  Kinda crazy how that happens!

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  1. Barby Gifford

    You are a good runner and you do look the part.

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