a balance

I’ve been thinking through the balance of needing sleep, but also craving (and needing) exercise.  I was talking with a friend who also has 3 little ones similar ages to ours about how a tired Mama is an impatient Mama.  That is often oh so true.

Yet I have this weird make up in my DNA or psyche or whatever you want to call it that needs to run. Yes, I need it. I need it to be a better Mama; to be a better wife; to be a better friend; to be happier.  Maybe it’s an addiction – to feeling a certain way and to the release of endorphins.  I also love it.  I love having a goal and competing.

So I’ve been weighing the balance … do I wait until the boy is sleeping through the night (or at least sleeping more) before I start waking up in the mornings to run? Or do I just go ahead and go with it?  With my husband’s work/school schedule, mornings are pretty much my only option for fitting a run into my day now that school is out and I have 3 kids and I’m not about to spend $1K on TRIPLE jogger! :) (much less put myself through the hell of pushing it while I ran).

So I’m going to try.  I did it twice this week (Wed & Thur) and so far not bad. I did nap both afternoons.  We’ll see how it goes!


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