In 2009, after our 2nd daughter was born, I ran 500 miles from when I started back running in mid-May until the end of ’09.  Thus (of course) I’d like to run more than that this year.  Also in 2009, I ran at least once every week except for 2 different weeks when I was in a boot for an ankle sprain.  Bar any injures, I want to run at least once every week.  And hopefully a lot more than once! :)

I have lots of ideas for races. I get ahead of my self when I start thinking of PRs I’d like to set.  I’ve run a total of 5 days :) I need to slow down (in my head) and simply focus on the next run.

Loosely planning, I’d like to run a half this Fall and either a full or another half in the Spring. By next Fall, I want to run a full. [full = marathon].  I want to get back to Boston for sure.  Realistically, 2013 will be the soonest that happens.  And with the new qualifying standards, I’ll need to focus on dropping my marathon PR significantly since runners will now be admitted based on speed rather than qualifying and then getting lucky to register in time.  2014 or later is probably a lot more realistic.

I also want to run more local races, of varying distances.



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  1. Jamey

    Go for it!!

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