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In my last post, on August 2, I stated: I have 2 goals for the month – to not take more than 1 day off in a row, and to run at least 20 miles a week, hopefully 25-30 miles a week.

SO MUCH FOR THAT.  August has been my worst month in AGES – since before Cora was born.  Probably worst in years.

The 1st week of August was great.  I ran 27.4 miles and was feeling great and excited about a good month.  That was the week I was on Lookout.

And then.  A cold with serious chest congestion hit be HARD as soon as I got home.  I tried to run once that week, which was a mistake.  It made me get worse.  Over 2 weeks later, I am finally not coughing all the time, but my chest does still feel a bit tight.  I plan to run tomorrow for the 2nd time in 2+ weeks.

The other culprit in hindering my running is actually not a bad thing at all – but a GREAT, fun, exciting thing – baby #3 is on the way!!!  I am just over 8 weeks pregnant and have been feeling it – exhausted as can be and nauseous.

I do hope to run for a while in this pregnancy, as I did with Cora (almost 30 weeks).  Running while pregnant goes against everything in me as a runner – not matter how consistent I am, I will get slower and slower.   I have to stay focused long term – the longer I keep running, the easier it will be to come back after the baby is born.

This blog will probably suffer over the next months, as I’m not “training.” Yet I will still write from time to time.


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3 responses to “out the window

  1. Mary Hand

    Congrats Debbie! That’s so exciting that another little Vannoy is on the way! I sure your running schedule will change some, but I don’t doubt that you’ll stay in good shape. I hope you heal from your bad chest cold soon!

  2. Adam

    from all the webbs to all the vannoy’s a big wooohoooo!!! that news just made our day. Maybe little bit will come out w/ some sauconys on.

  3. I think I’m the big winner because I get another grandbaby and maybe, just maybe I can keep up with you running at Thanksgiving!


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