last track meet

Being the last one, I only ran the mile.  I wanted to better my time from week 1 where I also only ran the mile and ran 5:41.  Thankfully, rain did not derail the plan!

To run sub-5:40, I needed to be under 2:50 at the 800 and under 4:15 at the 1200 (so under 1:25 a lap).  I hit lap 1 in 1:22, a bit slower than I intended.  800 was 2:47 (1:24 for the lap).  Not much room for slowing down!  1200 was 4:13 (1:26 for the lap).  HANG ON!  The guy timing is yelling out 5:30, 31, 32, 33 …


Last lap was 1:24.  I was excited!  So splits were 1:22-1:24-1:26-1:24.  I was quite happy with the consistency.  A friend joked that she could hear the wind rushing as I ran by each lap. No no, I responded, that was how hard I was breathing! I’m pretty sure I sounded like I was about to die of a heart attack! :)

These races have been so much fun!  While the turnout wasn’t big, it was consistent week to week. We enjoyed getting to know some people over the weeks.  Sarah LOVED doing her races each week, too. She keeps asking why it’s over and can’t they do more?  Love it. :)


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2 responses to “last track meet

  1. barby Gifford

    Way to go Mama!!

  2. elizabeth

    i’m SO impressed! you go girl :)

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