rained out

Last night, as we drove across the bridge to the track, we could tell it was storming pretty bad off to our right.  I was naively hopeful that we’d be able to make it through the races before the storm would hit us.  I had planned on only running the mile, which is the last event, to try to run a faster time on fresh legs.  As we got out of the car, oh the wind.  I briefly debated my decision to focus on the mile because it’s plain tough to run in a strong headwind; but it was almost time to get started and I’d have no time to warm up. Plus, I was still naively hopeful!

They did the kids’ 50 meter dash first – which Sarah ran :)  As the 800 lined up, we heard thunder.  By the end of the race, it was clear the storm was coming our way fast.  They did the 100 meter dash (which Sarah ran as well) and then the guy in charge said we’d take a 30 minute break to see what happens.  It quickly became clear the night would be a wash.  We actually saw funnel cloud rotation above us right before we left.  That was a 1st for me! Pretty amazing to see.   We drove through the storm as we crossed the bridge on the way home.  It was POURING and we saw a lightening bolt just off the bridge, clearly striking the water. It was CLOSE.

So, so much for the track night.  Next week will be my last race, because I’ll be out of town for the last one at the end of July.  I really have loved these races!

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