track series #3

As I mentioned, Wednesday night I ran in the local track meet more as a speed workout than a race.  Speed workout it was indeed.  I got there with little time to warm up before the 800.  After a short jog and a few strides, my legs felt really heavy.  I’m sure from taking 3 days off at the end of our vacation.

In the 800, I started on the heals of the guy I raced to the finish 2 weeks ago.  We hit the 400 in 1:18. I had already decided that I would not try to pass him early like I did last time, rather try to out kick him at the end.  I ran on his heals the entire 2nd lap, but didn’t have it in me to out kick him.  If it was my only race of the night I probably could have mustered it out, but I was also being logical with what was to come.  We finished in 2:38, so 1:20 for the last lap.  I was quite happy with my splits being so close.

For the 400, I was in lane 3 and the fast girl was in lane 5.  I tried to close the gap on her but just couldn’t.  I finished in 1:12 and she was probably 2 seconds ahead of me.

The 200 immediately follows the 400, and then the 1600 is next. I had a grand idea of doing it, but had better judgment in the moment and enjoyed the few extra minutes of rest :)

There was a huge crew of us in the 1600.  I started out slow – 1st lap in 1:27.  I felt like I was speeding up the 2nd lap, but hit it in 1:31 (2:58 – 800).  Uh oh right on the line for sub 6 … 3rd lap was 1:33 (4:32 – 1200 – 2 seconds off 6 min pace).  In the final stretch someone on the finish line yells 5:55 … I kicked it in finishing in 6:03, so 1:31 for the last lap.

Part of me was bummed not to break 6, but I was pleased with such even splits.  That used to be a huge weakness for me – going out too hard and then slowing down. Maybe I’m getting smarter in my old age! :)

So in reality, running 800-400-1600 is a pretty lame speed/track workout.  I love the idea of doing weekly track workouts like 12 x 400, 6 x 800 and various ladder workouts … yet the reality hasn’t cooperated.  Hopefully as it cools off this Fall I can add that in!



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4 responses to “track series #3

  1. Jamey

    Nice job! But 3 races – you trying to torture yourself??

  2. Dadeo

    Nice job indeed, not only 3 races but at 6PM in Florida! Sounds like torture to me!

  3. Katie

    I just think you are a flat out rock star! I don’t even know what half of this entry means except that your legs move way too fast:)

  4. barby Gifford

    I love Katie’s comment: you ARE a Rock Star!!

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