oh the cooler air

We just got back from vacation in Maine.  I LOVE running in Maine – such a treat in the summer to run in cooler air. I can run in mid afternoon and it feels GREAT!   The last bit of the trip I wasn’t able to get runs in between Jon going fishing 1 morning thus me not being able to abandon the kids, Sarah having a 24-hour throw up bug, and me not feeling very well myself for a few days.  But the runs I did get in were great!

One afternoon, I ran with 1 of my nieces and 1 of my nephews, both 14 and going in to 9th grade.  After the run, we headed to the dock and jumped in the COLD water and then layed on the dock in the sun to warm back up – perfect way to end a run!!  It was a lot of fun, and I loved sharing that time with them.

Now back home and back into routine.  I did not wake up early this morning because after a travel day yesterday that started at 2:30am … with 2 little ones … I wanted to sleep a bit! :)  I plan to go for an easy run once the kids are in bed tonight.  Tomorrow is another track race.  My plan is to use it for a speed workout. I did not get in as many hard runs (only 1) in Maine so I think it’d be pointless to try to better my mile time.  I think I’ll be super crazy and run the 800-400-200-1600!  The rest time is pretty quick, so it will be quite the speed workout for me.


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  1. Dadeo

    So let’s hear how the 800-400-200-1600 combo went!

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