track series #2

Tonight was the 2nd week of the Northwest Florida Track Club‘s summer track series.  Every other week counts in the points total.  Tonight counted, which is perfect because we’ll be out of town next week and then back again for the next race that counts! :)  I decided to run the 800 and 1600 tonight.  The 800 was 1st, so part of why I wanted to do it was to take pressure of the 1600 – I got nervous thinking about trying to run faster than a 5:41!  Next race in 2 weeks, I plan to only race the mile to try to crack 5:40.

This week, instead of separating us by gender, they separated us by age brackets.  I was glad to run with guys in the post-highschool/has beens/old folks group.

800 I ran 2:35 and 1600 I ran 5:51.  I was psyched by a 2:35 and quite pleased to still break 6 minutes in the 1600 with it being the 2nd race.

In the 800 I started out tucked in behind 2 guys.  1 pulled ahead pretty quick. I ran on the other guy’s heels for the 1st lap.  We hit the 400 in 1:15.  I pulled ahead on the back straightaway. I knew I was risking it by surging then.  On the final turn I started to get that numb feeling in my arms.  He pulled even with me in the final 50 meters and just barely out kicked me.  I’ve definitely lost my edge. Back in the day, no one out kicked me! :)  It was fun to race though!

My legs felt shot and I was dreading the 1600. Well, not dreading, just being realistic that I don’t have what it takes to run 2 really hard races.  I said if I broke 6 minutes, I’d be happy. I started out more conservative this time. 1st lap was 1:24.  Even though we were racing with a huge group, I found myself alone.  The fast high school guys were WAY out in front, and then a middle-age guy pulled ahead pretty quick in the 1st lap, and then about 12 middle school and older people were behind me.  I kept thinking stay strong stay strong.  2nd lap 1:28.  3rd lap 1:28. I felt like I pushed the last lap pretty hard. 1:29. Guess I was pretty shot!

1 funny thing – as we lined up for the 1600, I was in lane 1 behind a fast look/serious high school guy.  I told him he better take off quick because I’d be on his heels. He looked at me like I was crazy. I thought I was pretty funny!! :)

The real highlight of the night was Sarah.  After watching the elementary races last week, she wanted to race and intentionally wore her “runners” tonight.  She walked up to the race director on her own and said “I want to run the short race with the kids.”  So she lined up for the 50 meter dash!  Jon made a good point to explain to show her the lanes and explain that she needs to stay in her lane.  She did great! Ran the whole way and in her lane!!  And she LOVED it! So much so that she asked to race more. So she did the 100 meter dash too!!!  It was so cute!

It’s been a fun group that’s come out for these races – good morale/energy, really encouraging, funny – which I guess you have to be all those things if you go run a track race for the heck of it! :)  And partly crazy.

Can’t wait for the next race in 2 weeks!


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