4 laps around

I ran 5:41 tonight.  My 1st reaction was man, 1 second slower than the last time I raced a mile!  That was a road mile in May ’08.  My 2nd reaction was WOW, I can’t believe I just ran a 5:41!!!

I was hoping we’d run with the guys, but there were enough people that they split it.  I was the oldest girl by probably 16 years.  I ran alone the entire race.  I hit my 1st lap in 1:19.  Keep it respectible I thought – back off a bit – don’t want to do the last lap on my hands and knees.  Hit the 800 in 2:45 (1:26 for that lap). Wow, I can do this. Hold strong on lap 3.  4:15 (1:29).  I spent 100 meters trying to do math in my head of what that lap needed to be, but the brain wasn’t being agreeable.  Just hang on!  Last lap was 1:25.  A 12 year old finished 2nd in 6:41.

I was pumped. Can’t wait for next Wednesday!



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5 responses to “4 laps around

  1. Jamey

    Nice job! You just need a little competition.

  2. Dadeo

    Nice job indeed! Maybe 5:20’s not so far off!
    Maybe the girl who won Dipsea can fly in to rabbit for you :)

  3. Way to go!! That’s amazing!

  4. barby Gifford

    So way cool. (or) What a woman!!!

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