this morning’s run + coffee

I kept thinking to myself, wow, NOBODY is out this morning. Hmmm.  It’s 5:30am-6am-6:30am on a SATURDAY morning.  Of course no one is out!!  People are sleeping in, having lazy mornings. I bet 7am-8am-9am lots of people were out.  We were packing for the beach by then!  With Jon not able to lift Cora out of her crib, alas, even on a Saturday morning I have to be home from my run in time to get her up.

I did a longer run (7.3 miles) and popped back in the house about 6:30am.  The girls were awake but seemed quite content, so I went back out to do a few “400’s” as I had hoped I would have time for.

7.3 miles felt very comfortable.  I ran about a 7:40 pace.  I was a bit fatigued by the end, I think due to my lack of long runs lately.  I have REALLY let those slip.  I’m trying to get at least 1 one hour+ run in a week.

I read something recently about how beneficial it is to do a bit of speed work after a normal run, when muscles are fatigued.  I only did 4, but they were solid.  I had mapped out a straight shot .25 miles in my neighborhood.  I did them in 1:30-1:26-1:28-1:24.  Nothing stellar, but considering the already run longer run, I was pleased.

Now the “+coffee” … while I planned to run this morning and even talked with Jon about it last night, I forgot to set my alarm. I woke up in the middle of the night remembering I had not set it, and actually thought I turned it on. Nope, only looked to see what time it was set for but did not flip the switch.  At 5:08am I hear Cora crying.  I go in her room, put her plug (aka pacifier) back in her month, and lay on the couch to make sure she’s back asleep. I went in the kitchen to get some water, and noticed left over coffee from yesterday.  I heated up a cup and downed it.

It helped.  Sadly (but not sad enough for me to have even an ounce of a desire to do anything about it) I am so used to coffee, I think my body simply felt more normal having a cup of coffee in it! :)  I’m now debating taking my coffee issue to a whole new level and always having a cup pre-run.  I’m not sure I want to go that far.

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