rainy morning run

My routine has been all out of whack lately (more on that will be in the next post).  This morning I was determined to get a 5+ mile run in.  Alarm was set for 5:15am.  4:50am BOOM!  A big thunderstorm began.  When my alarm went off, I got up and checked the weather map. It looked like that 1 storm would blow through, and then it’d be fine.  By 5:40am, the thunder and even rain had stopped, so I headed out.  By the end of our street, it was drizzling.  By 1/2 mile into my run, it was POURING.   Squishy heavy shoes pouring.  Since I got a late start, I planned to do a 4.3 mile loop instead of 5.2 mile loop.

BOOM!  So loud it made me cuss in fright/shock.  I immediately turned around and picked up the pace.  I made it home without too many more loud booms (the storm thankfully hit shortly after I got home).  The funny thing is I realized once I got home, that I was over half way through my loop when I turned around, so I actually would have gotten home sooner if I had kept going the direction I was going!  Oh well, I didn’t get struck by lightning and got a 1/2 mile longer run in! :)  And I have an extra sense of satisfaction/hard core feeling for running in the pouring down rain!!


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