the reasons why

After only 6 short hours of sleep last night (I think I’ve mentioned before I really like to get 8+ hours) I fought to get out of bed when my 5:15am alarm went off.  After I was dressed with shoes on, I sat on our front step pep talking myself to stand up and head out for a run.  All of this brought on thoughts of WHY I run during my 5.2 mile run this morning.  Other people ask me that, too.  Sometimes it’s hard to explain.  I am not going to run the Gate to Gate 4.4 miler on Memorial Day because my husband is having back surgery next week.  Road races pretty much shut down around here during the summer, so I have nothing on the horizon to train for.

So why keep running?  Because it’s what I do. I am a runner. It is apart of me.  It is ingrained in me.  That makes it sound natural and easy … at times it is. At times it is NOT.

I run because I like starting off in the morning on quiet streets with birds chirping. I love finishing a run, especially in the morning when I have the whole day ahead of me.

I run because of the not so small bowl of ice cream I ate last night.  (and the other things I like to eat)

I run because I love being outside.

I run because I feel better and have more energy when I am running consistently.

I do have to adjust my framework now though.  For the past year, every run I have gone on has played into the bigger picture of what race is coming up next.  Right now I run simply to run, and for all the reason listed above.

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