Boggy Bayou 5K

Yesterday was the Boggy Bayou 5K, just down the road in Valparaiso.  I was told the course had some hills – which is positively hilarious – there were just enough bumps in the road to make it not boring.

The official results haven’t been posted, but according to my own watch I ran 19:33.  I was the 2nd place woman (10th overall).  At the end of January I supposedly ran an 18:51, but I know the course was a bit short.  So in many ways, yesterday felt like a PR ‘cuz I know the course was dead on 5K (I know the guy who put on the race and he is type A to the core).

I went out hard but comfortable, and was the leading woman. There was a turnaround right before the 1 mile and I realized a girl was about 10 paces back.  Hit 1 mile in 6:06. Good.  Yet I could feel the girl gaining on me and soon we were stride for stride. I surged and pulled ahead. She surged back and we were even. But the she pulled ahead. I stayed close until just before mile 2. Hit mile 2 in 12:19 (6:12 for that mile). Good pace.  But then the other girl simply had another gear and dropped me, beating me by about 30 seconds. Stink. My 3rd mile was 6:37. That’s the only part I’m a bit frustrated by. I wish I’d kept it closer to 6:20 or so.


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