race prep

Here I am again.  Right before a “big” race.  Doubting. 2nd guessing.  Fighting those thoughts. Trying to keep a relaxed and realistic outlook.  Last week I had planned to focus on speed. I battled a cold all week, so that didn’t happen.  I know I’m prepared for Sunday.  Will I break 1:30? Honestly, I don’t expect to and will be ecstatic if I do.  I mainly want to run faster than I did in Chattanooga – to run under 1:32. I should be able to do that.  My biggest mistake in Chattanooga was starting off way too fast.  That’s my main plan – start off running around 7 min/miles and then hopefully drop down to somewhere between 6:40-6:50 for the last few miles.  Pensacola Beach is absolutely flat as flat can be. So that will help.  It’s basically an out and back course along the coast. I’ve been praying for ZERO wind.  Being out and back on the coast, there could be a nasty head wind. If that’s the case, please let it be on the way out and thus push us home on the way in! :)  It’s a small race so I am also hoping I don’t get stuck running by myself. I always do better with people.

After an easy run Monday and a quick 4 mile tempo run Tuesday, I took yesterday off and ran an easy 4 this morning.  I’ll take tomorrow off and run easy Saturday.  And race day Sunday!


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3 responses to “race prep

  1. Mom

    Good presbyterian luck, honey. Wish I could be there to cheer you on but will do so in my thoughts and prayers. love you bunches.

  2. Dadeo

    Your ready! Cold was last week so that’s history, bad run is history and now you’ve got a flat course to go out and kick butt on! You know what they say “just run”!

    Wish I was there, just pleasantly surprise yourself like you usually do and 6 minute first mile!


  3. Dadeo

    OOPs – that was supposed to say NO 6 minute first mile!

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