Today’s run sucked.  I get so frustrated when I have a bad run.  I felt my inner-demons that haunted me for years trying so hard to come out – those demons that say you should walk. cut this run short. this is horrible, why run?

Thursday evening I ran with 2 guys – we did about 7 miles right at a 7 min/mile pace.  It worked me over.  I felt like I was barely hanging on. That frustrated me. I want to do 13.1 miles just under a 7 min pace next Sunday … and I can barely hang on for 7 miles?????  (at the same time, it was GREAT running with people and being pushed! I’ve missed that sooooo much!)

So I do think that run put a kink in my brain as far as my training/fitness level.  That did not help today.  I also ran over an hour after I woke up, having very little water, no coffee and hardly anything to eat (handful of cheerios).  I know that about myself – unless I roll out of bed and head out the door, I need a big glass of water, toast or something, and 1 cup of coffee.

My mental toughness has come along way in the past few years, after having TOTALLY lost it from the high school years.  But this morning I gave in. I kept slowing down. The only (small) victory of the morning was that I did not cut it short.  I finished the damn thing, running the full 8 miles I had mapped out. 8 measly miles.  That should be child’s play! :)

Alas, I have bad days. Learn and move on :)


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