hell week

Back to the March issue of Runner’s World.  There was a 1 page article titled Hell Week – about a running mama who sprained her ankle and could not run for a week.  This household knows what that’s like!  Using the title has probably made you think, oh no, what happened?  Nothing! (thankfully!!!)  I just LOVED the article and can so relate.  This was my favorite:

As a runner-mother, I train and race to be distinctly different from the woman struggling to maneuver the grocery cart shaped like a race car. “Sorry, sorry,” I repeat like a mantra in the produce section, as I bump my way around the vegetables.  Give me four safety pins and a piece of paper with a number on it, and there are no apologies.  I have somewhere  need to go, as fast as possible, and no one gets in my way.  The woman on the playground who uses phrases like “Oopsy daisy” spits and swears while running with friends.

That is perfect.  It’s me.  I love being a mama.  It has been so much more fun and beautiful than I ever imagined.  Yet I also love my outlet.  I love that it enables me to be a better mama.  My unexplained grumpy days are far less frequent if I am running consistently – releasing endorphins, stress & emotion in a healthy way.  It has helped me handle the downs and ups and bumps of this move.

*funny side note – yesterday afternoon I was having an unexplained grumpy day.  Jon picked up on it pretty quickly – maybe it was me bitching about how the potatoes where not cooking  how I wanted or perhaps that 1 of the 1st things Sarah said to him when he got home was “Papa, Mama said maybe you could take me and Cora on a loooong bike ride!”  Hats off to my husband – without missing a beat, he had both kids in the bike trailer in record time!  I was able to finish dinner, take a deep breath, ask the Lord for patience and was much better off when they all returned! :)

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  1. Mom

    Love it, my beautiful.
    you got a good man.

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