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Saturday I had a good 14 mile run.  I kicked myself for not getting a 14 miler in before the Chattanooga half, so was determined to get this one in 2 weeks out.  Shew. Check that off the list.  As I was running on Saturday I was thinking about how I need to be sure to take my vitamins so I wouldn’t catch anything from the girls in the next 2 weeks.  Too late – the girls and I all have slight colds.  I’m hoping and praying it stays slight, am taking my vitamins religiously and drinking loads of hippie herbal tea.

Thus, I am not doing my normal Monday easy run today and will run in the morning and see how I feel.

Last week, my goal had been to get in 40 miles.  I fell short but at 34.5 miles, still ran my highest week total since Cora was born.  (okay, I know very well that for serious runners, 34.8 miles in a week is child’s play – yet for me, it’s GOOD)  I cut Thursday morning’s run about 2 miles short and did not run the 4 miles I had planned on Friday.  My legs were just saying NO.

So while last week was focused on mileage, this week is focused more on speed.  Then next week is E A S Y leading up to next Sunday’s half marathon where I’ll make 1 more attempt to run sub-1:30 before the summer HEAT sets in.

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