gettin hotter

I did my long run today (12 miles) during the girls naps.  Knowing it could be in the 70’s for the half in Pensacola next month, I figured it’d be good for me to run in warmer weather.  Our thermometer said it was 77 this afternoon.  It sure was toasty.  At about 9 miles, I looped by our house to get a bit of water and eat a few Clif Bloks (my food of choice for long runs, marathons, etc).  I’m trying to prep better for this half than the Chattanooga one – and 1 way is eating Bloks during my long runs so my tummy will be used to digesting them.  So after a quick pit stop I ran my last 3 miles.

Now I have never been a run in just my sports bra runner – but a long run in 77 degree weather IN MARCH changed that today.  I’m sure my pasty white 2 kids later belly scared a few people. But at least I don’t know them!!! Doubt I’d be brave enough on the mountain where 10+ people I know would probably drive past! :)

I averaged 7:08/mile for the run and felt good.  That was encouraging.  I did tell Jon a bit ago that I feel like I ran a race today. I definitely did not drink enough water early today (we were at the beach!) so I was a bit dehydrated I think.  I took a quick nap, we had a steak dinner complete with red wine, and I’m feeling good now apart from achy knees.

For the record, I do not look forward to summer running here in Florida.


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