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The last time I wrote about Runner’s World, my brother harped on the magazine saying he would never seek advice from it, etc.  No kidding was my response! Runner’s World is for NORMAL people, not people who can run a half marathon at a 5:25 pace!

The March 2010 issue of Runner’s World was very good in my opinion!  I read the magazine not so much for advice; rather because I love running and it’s all about running, and it has good stories, and things like that.  However, I do find good tips/advice sometimes.

But anyway, pick up a copy of the March issue!

Recently I wrote about how it has been harder for me to get my body going for harder runs in the morning.  I am consistently slower in the mornings.  The day after I wrote that, I read in the March issue of RW, “The predawn hours are challenging because body temperature and heart rate dip to their lowest point at this time.”  YES!  Vindication!  I’m NOT crazy!  That seriously made me feel so much better :)  The article even suggests setting your coffee maker’s auto timer to have a cup ready and waiting for you pre-run.  Now that’s my kindof advice!!!!!

I have been trying a few different things to help kick start my groggy slow moving self in the mornings – turning on lights, splashing cold water on my face, doing dynamic stretching (leg swings, etc).  Didn’t help a lick this morning.  I planned on doing a hard to tempo paced 7 mile run.  My average pace was 7:27.  That’s more like an easy run.

[in my defense, the darkness now that we’ve hit day light savings makes me have to jump of the road and wait for cars to pass in some areas – that sure doesn’t help average pace and really hurts momentum]

For now at least, I am committed to mornings.  I am hoping it will become more natural.  It should right?  The RW article says give yourself at least 2 weeks and don’t expect to run your best for a little while.

There are many other good articles from the March RW that I may hit on in future posts.


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4 responses to “latest Runner’s World

  1. Jamey

    Hahaha! I do find myself slipping through RW occasionally – just don’t subscribe to it & prefer Running Times. I did read the recent article about Kara Goucher & her mental struggles. It was amazing that the first time she ever jumped in a 10K she ran the 2nd fastest US woman’s time ever.

  2. Dadeo

    Now you know, from that wise advise in RW, why I like to run with you in the morning! It keeps you closer to my pace.
    Having said that, with a good deal of experience, I would say your body definitely will adjust. I think sometimes the freshness of the morning can make you more energized.
    If your having to jump out of the way of cars sure hope our wearing a reflective vest!

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