race report

Saturday, I ran in the McGuire’s 5K Prediction Run.  This race 100% brought out my racing weaknesses.  1st the stats – I ran 20:06 and was the 3rd place woman.  I also ran on the North West Florida Track Club’s women’s team and we were the 1st place team (and I was 2nd on the team ).

Being a prediction run, you could not wear a watch and there were no mile markers.

I was pretty frustrated with the race.  Not knowing the course or the area at all, I never knew how far I’d gone and how much further.  At 1 point, a guy running next to me said “half way.”  That threw me big time.  In reality, we probably had less than a mile left.  I also went out WAY too fast.

Experienced racers or at least people who know the course, I’m sure can handle a race like this fine.  I am not at all an experienced racer.  I do not race enough to “trust my body” to determine the pace.

Chalk this one up as a learning experience!

Next up is another half on April 11 and then I’m going to try a few more 5K’s in late April and May.


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2 responses to “race report

  1. Adam

    Debby, ( I spelled it right this time)

    Nice time, and congrats on your team and individual place. How close was 20:06 to your prediction time?

  2. mamagoforarun

    56 seconds SLOW – 120th place in my age group based on closest to prediction!!

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