that feeling

My friend, Adam Webb, qualified for Boston today.  His qualifying time is 3:10 (BLISTERING fast for us normal people!), which means the Boston folks graciously give you to 3:10:59.  He ran 3:10:44! GO ADAM!  I have to tell you, if I had been watching him, I would have been stressed to the max knowing he was right on pace, with zero room to slow down.  It’s such a great feeling to reach that goal!  The Boston Marathon is such an amazing experience. I’m so excited for him!! It makes me want to run a marathon to qualify so we can go to Boston with them!!


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2 responses to “that feeling

  1. Adam

    I don’t know what I feel better about, my BQ or getting a shout out on mama go for a run. To sound like a caller on sport talk, I’m a big fan of your blog; long time reader, first time poster.

    The Albany Race is a good small town marathon w/ a great finish line area for families…flat and fast… my dad, brother, and sister all had a PR.

  2. Augusta

    Do it Deb!!
    Wouldn’t it be fun to go to Boston together next spring!!

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