I was asked to be on a team for the Northwest Florida Track club at the McGuire’s 5K prediction run this Saturday in Pensacola.  Now, this is really not a big deal but I AM excited to race as part of a team for the first time since 1997 – for my race to affect other people is simply motivating!  So I’m excited.

Being a prediction run, you have to predict your 5K finish time.  During the race, you can’t wear a watch.  Both of these have stressed me!  I debated back and forth on what to put as my prediction time.  I ended up saying 19:10.  We’ll see! :)  I’m a watch wearing runner for sure.  I time even easy runs.  I like to know my splits. I like to know if I’m on pace, too fast, or too slow.  So for McGuires I just need to run as hard as I can and pray I don’t die!!!!

So the way it works is the top 5 in each age group that are closest to their prediction time when awards.  Speed is irrelevant for that – you could be last place but win your age group! :)  Team results are based solely on time, and the top 10 males and females get speed awards.

It’ll be fun I know! Afterall, it is a St Patrick’s Day run put on by on Irish pub!!!

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  1. Mom

    We’ll be cheering from afar. Do you train watchless?
    Go DEBBY!!

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