race recap

I ran 1:32:58 in the Scenic City Half Marathon this morning (in Chattanooga).  I was the 2nd place woman, 1st in my age group, 39th overall.  While I PRed and I’m excited about that, I feel I could have run a lot better.  I went out too fast and was completely spent by the end.  My low low goal was to PR, which I did.  My main goal was to break 1:30 (about a 6:50 pace) but to at least run a 7 min pace, which would be 1:31:45.  So yes, I was a bit slower than I hoped.  Coming into this race I had said if I broke 1:30 that I would not run the half in Pensacola on April 11 but that if I didn’t, I would try again.  At this point, the race is a bit too fresh, my legs hurt too bad (4+ miles of the race was on concrete, which is even harder on your legs than running on asphalt roads), and I have a killer headache – so in my mind I’m thinking do I really want to run another half in 6 weeks???

But yes, I do.  I feel the need for redemption.  Not at all that today was horrible – I just think I can do better and want to.

Covenant’s team ran today as well, which was so much fun!  Also, my sister-in-law, Liza, had a GREAT race! – her 1st ever half, she ran 1:35, while her goal had been 1:45!!!

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