the week of

Like normal, with this being the week of a “big race,” I am completely doubting myself and looking back at places where I didn’t do as much as I wanted.  My biggest frustration is that I haven’t done a 14 mile run.  I had planned to Feb. 6 but the throw up bug derailed that.  The next weekend, I was just stupid and didn’t (I did opt to run 10 miles HARD instead and ran a “PR” so it wasn’t a waste by any means).   So I am frustrated with myself.  And then the doubts creep in … am I really in good shape?  Can I really run a half marathon faster than I did in November?

I have looked back over my running log so many times in the past few days.  Yes, I am in shape.  Yes, I am running better than I have in years.

So here’s to putting the doubts out of my mind, enjoying a week of taper (easier running to be rested for a big race) and to getting EXCITED about a big race on Saturday!!!!


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3 responses to “the week of

  1. Jamey

    I’ve got a lot of that – too much of that – going through my head right now too (next race in 2 weeks). Relax, enjoy it, and the results will come!

  2. mamagoforarun

    thanks Jamey!!!

  3. Dadeo

    From all I’ve read and heard your in shape, faster than you’ve been in a long time and ready to run!
    So just run and enjoy as Jamey said!

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