letting go

Part of why I have this blog is so I can” verbally” process my thoughts on running without boring Jon – yet of course he still hears me ramble plenty, especially of late.  I have been really motivate lately by how well I have been running.  Since Cora was born I have had in my mind that I would run another marathon this Spring.  Yet it keeps getting pushed back – at 1st I was thinking Birmingham in February. Yet the business of the Fall coaching season derailed that.  Then I was thinking Snickers or Atlanta in March – yet the move derailed that. SO I was PLANNING on Nashville or Louisville on April 24.  I could definitely be ready – maybe not quite as ready as I’d like – but ready to run a strong marathon and probably PR.  But, I feel as though I must let go.  Jon is amazing in encouraging me to find time to run and keeps me from feeling selfish – a bit of me time is a good thing!  Marathon training takes a full family committment – it’s a lot of time.  I simply think it is too much for our family right now.  With my job at Covenant winding down I have had a renewed sense of energy in loving our girls and Jon and simply in life as a wife/mom.  I don’t want a marathon to take away from that.  Also, the travel of the actual marathon with Jon having just started a new job seems a bit much.

It’s hard to let go of it but there are many more years for marathons!!

So here’s the plan!  I have found a bunch of local races that I am going to decide between.  Of course I am running the half in Chattanooga in February 27.  I will run another half on April 11 in Pensacola.  That gives me a fun goal of working towards getting my PR down.  I will also run a few 5K and 10K road races and a 10K cross country race in March, April and May.  I plan to keep my weekend long run between 10-14 miles, thus keeping the option open of a Fall or winter marathon.

Some times I do ask myself why I put the effort in – and I always go back to the fact that I love it!   That makes it fun.  I know, I’m crazy!! – but aren’t all runners??? :)


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