last runs

While I know I’ll be back on the Mountain for plenty of visits, this morning was my “last” run with the guys.  OF COURSE it was FREEZING, but Marshall and Marc had promised to be there regardless so there was no whimping out.  I had prepared myself to see 8 or 9 degrees on the thermometer, so when I saw 14 I was actually excited.  That’s sick.  When the wind blew though, the windchill had to be close to 0.  My chin was so cold I was slurring my words the whole run! :)  Ah, memories!

Saturday morning’s run was also quite memorable. I ran with Boozer and Marc, and James joined us for much of the run.  Marc picked out a doozy of a 10.5 mile course – golf course from his house to Point Park, 1 additional loop around the point, Stephenson to Scenic and back to his house.  So from the far end of the golf course to Point Park was up hill.  And Stephenson has some big hills.  It was a tough 10.5 miles, but we still averaged under 8 min/miles.  I was impressed!  AND it was 18 degrees and snowing!  It actually was really beautiful and a lot of fun!

I have really enjoyed running with these guys over the past few months. They are quite entertaining!  I’m also kindof fascinated by them.  I am such a competitive runner – I time every run, constantly pay attention to pace, want to run specific routes faster over time, etc.  They have been doing this same run for YEARS.  Only 1 guy in the group (Boozer) wears a watch and they all ridicule him for it (and so toss me in with him).  I simply can’t fathom.  I know there is a huge difference in running to stay in shape and running to race, and I would honestly say I mostly run to stay in shape.  Yet I still want to get better.

So tomorrow night Niceville, Florida will be “home.”  I’ve already looked at GMAP to look at some initial routes to run.  It will be a fun way to explore all the neighborhoods.  I hope to find some people to run with … yet no one will ever replace the 5:45am crew!!!


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4 responses to “last runs

  1. Wow. I didn’t know you guys were moving. To FL! I do hope the runs are fun!

  2. Dadeo

    Gee, what about the 5:20 AM single speed bike “crew”!

  3. mamagoforarun

    okay huge shout out to the 1 speed wonder!!! I hope you know how much I’ll miss runs with you :)

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