best way to kill a blog :)

I know the curse of death with a blog is to have a gap with no posts.  And that’s what I’ve done!  Between cutting off our internet at home, PACKING, Christmas and thoroughly enjoying family being in town … posts have been out the window!

I have been running though!  Trying to hit 500 miles by Thursday.  That would be 500 miles since Cora’s birth – my 1st run after she was born was May 13, about 6 weeks after my c-section.  I have 6.7 miles to go, so I should make it!  I plan to run easy tomorrow, and then do the New Year’s Eve race (4 miles) with Jamey and Dana.

Once we get settled in Florida, I’ll get back in a rhythm with posting.  I have registered for Chattanooga’s half marathon at the end of February.  I was thinking about the Atlanta marathon in mid March, but that is soon and I don’t think I’d be as ready as I’d like, so I am really seriously thinking about Nashville in April.  I’ve heard it’s a fun one!

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