I read a quote recently that said something along the lines of never wanting to view running as something I have to do, but rather something I GET do to.  God has given me a strong, healthy body that is able to run!  That is a gift that I never want to take lightly!  (He has also given me a husband that is supportive, even if it means he is awake by 6am with sweet Cora)

(but let’s be honest, there are also times when I do feel I have to run – like after I eat multiple Little Debbies in 1 day – food like that is such a curse!!!!!!)

I have run 452 miles since Cora was born, and I had really hoped to hit 500 miles by the end of the year.  Only 48 miles to go in 15 days. Very do able.  But I’m frustrated.  First, I had a brief (like 6 hour) version of the flu over the weekend that left me feeling really run down.  Then, I rolled my dang ankle AGAIN this morning. I caught a pothole by Point Park, thus running about 2.5 more miles on it back to my car.  I was so frustrated.  Am so frustrated.  48 miles in the next 2 weeks now seems impossible.

I’ve been praying today, asking the Lord to give me better perspective.  As I said in the beginning of this post, I GET TO RUN!  I’ll bounce back from this ankle soon.  Jon has a compressed disk in his back and can’t even be on his feet for too long right now. Lots of other people have worse things than that.  So in reality, thank you Lord that a weak ankle is the worst of my complaints!

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