I like consistency. I preach it all the time to my team. Be consistent.  Run even splits in races, in practice, etc.  While I like all of that in my own running (and strive for it), I also like consistency in the days I run.  In 2007, when I was first getting back into good shape after being pretty slack for several years, I realized that I needed set days in which I ran.  If I would “just wait and see” if I had time, it would not happen.  Thus, I picked set days where I would run.  So simple; yet revolutionary!

Now that cross-country season is over, I’ve struggled with my consistency again.  All we’ve had going on, travelling,  and Cora’s sleep has made it hard to pick set days.  Yet thankfully, my lull in motivation has passed!  While nothing in daily life is going to be consistent as we pack and move, I am striving for running to be.    I often run with a fun group of guys on MWF and then run long on Saturday.  So that’s the “plan” for the next few weeks.

Of course all this will get tossed around once we move.  I’m really going to miss the routes, varied terrain, and fellow running buddies.  Florida is so FLAT. I’m going to be ruined.

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