Wow, what has happened to me?  I still haven’t run a step since the half marathon.  Cora’s sleep habits are the biggest culprit.  I’m fine with getting up early, but there is early and there is crazy. She’s been waking up by 6am, so to run and be home by then would be CRAZY. Seriously. That’d be like 4:30am.  We’re trying to figure out her sleep and figure out how to get her to sleep a bit later – not out of selfishness (well not entirely) but because she seems to be exhausted all the time (she’s down for her 3rd nap of the day right now).


Taking this much time off is a good reminder that running truly does help with my stress level – so with preparing to move to Florida in 5 weeks, I need to be running!!!  Because let’s be honest, the stress level is pretty high right now.

I do plan to run a 4 mile race on New Years Eve, and another half marathon in late February. And maybe a marathon in mid March. But we’ll see about that!


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  1. That was a great job in your half marathon! So it’s probably not the end of the world to give yourself a few days to rest :)

  2. Lydia

    ooooh! I think I’m going to do that New Years Eve race as well!

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