Philadelphia half marathon

I ran 1:35:48 – average of 7:19/mile.  I was quite happy!!   The funny thing is, I did just about everything “wrong” leading up to today.  On top of my ankle, my long runs in training were almost non-existent.  We got into my in-laws at 2am Friday night, so I was still feeling exhausted.  I didn’t eat enough this morning. And overall felt unprepared.  Then, during the race, my mile splits were erratic.

Makes me wonder what I can do if I do things right – I’d probably run horrible!! :)

This was my first half marathon (I jumped from a 10 mile race to a marathon).  I could get used to this distance.  Training for it is not the huge time commitment like it is for a marathon.  And it’s simply not as painful!  I am sore, but NOTHING like post-marathon.  I definitely want to run more marathons, but I also want to run a lot more halfs.

It was a GREAT course and I loved getting to see so much of Philly.  Being such a big race, it wasn’t until around mile 7 or 8 that I wasn’t worried about tripping over someones feet.  The sides of my knees are actually sore from all the side to side dodging I did!  The weather was perfect – mid 40’s and clear.  The 1st few miles went by so fast; largely I think from being so distracted by all the people and trying not to trip.  I was feeling GREAT through mile 7.  Things started to catch up with me a bit at that point, but not horribly.  I got nervous I would tank, but I managed to hang on fairly well.  My main goal for next time will be to run consistent splits.

For those that are interested, here are my splits:
mile 1: 7:54
mile 2: 7:12
mile 3: 7:28 (includes a quick porta-potty stop)
mile 4: 6:59
mile 5: 7:07
mile 6-7: 14:12 (I some how missed mile 7)
mile 8: 7:24
mile 9: 7:11
mile 10: 7:41
mile 11: 7:19
mile 12: 7:23

All in all, a great day!!!



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8 responses to “Philadelphia half marathon

  1. Nice job! And great work keeping that consistent pace all the way through the finish!

  2. Mom

    Proud of you, girl.
    love you bunches, hope you have a lovely thanksgiving,

  3. Katie

    YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!!
    Amazing time AND a potty break?!

  4. Dana

    Great run Debby! Funny how sometimes a run can surprise you and sometimes your body just decides to give you what you want despite your perceived lack of readiness.
    We should plan to run a 1/2 marathon together! I agree, it is a great distance and the training is manageable but still rewarding. Nice work!

    • mamagoforarun

      Dana, we definitely need to plan to run a half together some time. We need to pick a fantastic spot for it and make a vacation out of it!!! :)

  5. Dadeo

    Amazing for someone who could barely walk on a sprained ankle 10 days before! But then you’ve never been short on determination :)
    I think it was that first day back “slow, easy run” with your slow old running partner that prepared you!

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