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(sorry if there are any guys who check this blog – this post is about sports bras, clothes, and shoes)

I am often asked which sports bra I wear, or if I need to wear 2 since I am nursing Cora.  I always get excited and say, “NO! I’ve found the best sports bra!” I have 4 of them :)    It’s worth the money.  The link is to Moving Comfort’s website, but you can often find it cheaper somewhere else.

I love shopping local and supporting non chain stores.  Yet I also love convenience and a deal.  It’s a tough one to balance.  Lately, I’ve gotten into Road Runner Sports – they do a VIP deal which right now costs $1.99 and it gives you free shipping and 10% off on everything you buy for a year!  I should say, the 10% does not apply to on sale things.  BUT, there are sometimes sales that they only open to VIP members – a few months ago, I got a pair of shoes for 40% off.

My running shorts of choice are the Nike Tempo Short.  I don’t like snug shorts, so I wear a medium.   They are super comfortable!!

Obviously, the most important gear is your SHOES.  I am often asked which brand is best … all of the top brands are good.  The KEY is going to a speciality running store, like Fast Break in Chattanooga, and getting them to properly fit your foot for the right shoe.  Once you find a shoe and a brand that works, it is best to stay with that brand.  I’ve worn Nikes since I started running in 7th grade.  The one time I tried Adidas, I sent them back after a month because I had foot problems.  Some people love Adidas. It’s all about what fits your foot best!  My current shoe of choice is the Nike VomeroOf course it’s their most expensive shoe but I just love it!  It has a crazy amount of cushion that really helps my knees, hips, and back.  Yet it’s also light weight.

I laugh at how in high school we all wore cotton t-shirts, socks, etc. How did we survive???? :)  Running gear as come along way. A lot is over done.  Yet the basics are pretty nice!


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