I have really struggled with motivation. I’m not used to this lately. Yet I know it is normal. It used to be a huge struggle for me.  Since Sarah was born, running has  been my outlet.  We’ve had a lot going on, and while I want to get out and run and often do, I have not been pushing it. I feel like the mental toughness to go out and get the job done, just isn’t in me right now. I’m trying to fight through it.  Here are my latest runs …

Saturday I had a great 7.2 mile run – I ran with the fastest girl on my team – so while it was a relaxing run for her, she really pushed me. It was great!

Sunday I had hoped to get in a long run (10-12 miles).  Time just did not allow. And I just didn’t really want to.

Monday I had a good interval workout with the team.

Tuesday, yesterday, a remnent of a tropical blew through. While I like running in the rain, I do not like running in a windy, cold, DOWN POUR. I was trying to gear myself up – had my reflective arm band on – opened the door – felt the wind – and shut the door.  A 30 minute cross train had to sufice.

This morning I woke up to go run with the guys. It was going so well … until I caught my foot on something and re-sprained my ankle. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.  I tried to run it out but as it hurt worse and worse, I ended up walking the last bit.

I have definitely gotten lazy in doing rehab exercises, so I guess it is just weak from my last sprain.  I was so determined to not become a runner plaqued by weak ankles … and here I am in that position.  Ugh!  Time to be serious about rehab!!!

I’m sitting on the couch icing right now (my kids are STILL asleep after both being awake at 5:30am as I left to run).  I’m nervous about the half marathon next Sunday.  Hopefully it will heal QUICKLY!  We’ll see.

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  1. elizabeth

    Oh, Debs, I’m sorry :( i hope your ankle heals quickly and you get to race next Sunday. it’s been fun reading your running blog….i’m definitely impressed.

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