not my own

“I … am not my own, but belong unto my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ”  (Heidelberg Catechism)

As a wife and mama, I also belong to Jon and our girls.  Their needs come before my own.  I never want my running to be at the expense of our family.  Quite the opposite!  I want my running to enhance our family!  – for our girls to witness me living a healthy, balanced life AND for running to be a healthy outlet where I return home feeling refreshed and energized to engage with my family.

With this mindset, there are days where I plan and want to run … and then those plans don’t work.  Sarah had a fever yesterday, so I didn’t want to leave her with our normal Tuesday babysitter.  So I did not go to practice and thus did not run.  Part of life when you’re a mama.

I had a good run on Monday – 7.4 miles on the roads from Covenant to LMPC, with a bit of back tracking to run the last bit with a girl who was a bit behind me.  Today, we are doing a tempo/speed workout on the track.  It’s a continuous run, where all of the recoveries are jogging – and so I will not be timing their splits.  So I get to run!


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